If You’re Unclear, Unintentional, Or Unsatisfied With Your Coaching Methodology...

The Expert Methodology Makeover is the leading program for coaches
who want to create a proprietary coaching methodology 
that is defensible, marketable, and transformational.

By The End Of This Program You'll Have:

  • A results-driven coaching process that students will pay premium prices for even if you’re not an official expert or authority
  • ​​The structure we use to outline the coaching method that drives all of your content, courses, and programs and that inspires students to take action, ensuring quality results every time
  • ​A strategy to build brand recognition and position you as an expert in a way that focuses on your ideas and your process and not your face, voice, or personality (which makes you a bottleneck)
  • ​The method to build a culture that magnetizes ideal clients and gets them excited to pay you, without pushy, persuasive marketing tactics. This grows a tribe of die-hard fans who believe in your ideas and don't need to be sold to.
  • ​All the recommendations, examples, templates, and coaching support you need to finally nail down your process so confidently that you'll never feel the need to change it again. No do-it-yourself required. We will be there the entire way.
  • All the legal and marketing knowledge you need to protect and promote your coaching method over and over again with peace of mind. Your process will be HIGHLY PROPRIETARY and WORTH protecting after this.

How AGP Went From Mediocre Launches,
To Making 562k In A Matter Of Months
With Significantly Better Client Results

How Valerie Created A Signature Online Offer That Outperforms Her 7-Figure In-Person Legal Practice With Significantly Less Work

Most importantly, you’ll have the beginnings of a coaching business and brand that takes on a life of its own and will truly separate you from trading time for money.

And, you’ll be impacting and improving the lives of your students every single day, elevating you to the status of Coaching Royalty.

If you follow our methods step-by-step, your testimonials page will be full of incredible client stories soon enough.

So let’s get into the plan inside The Expert Methodology Makeover...

Module #1

What Is A Proprietary Methodology ... REALLY? 

Here’s where it all begins. First, you’re going to UNlearn everything you've been told about coaching methods, processes, and frameworks.

Remember, the information that you've been getting from marketing gurus on these subjects has all been superficial and based on trends, rather than a depth of understanding.
Here’s where you begin to understand what a proprietary methodology really is, and your eyes open to the possibilities for your coaching business.

Most coaches either don’t have a proprietary method at all, which makes their offers difficult to sell and even harder to get their client's results, or they think they have a method, but it's very superficial and lacks the intention, substance, and depth of a truly proprietary methodology. 

Then they’re scratching their heads, wondering why they have zero reputation and a pile of unhappy customers.

They often think it's because their marketing is missing some special secret funnel or sales tactic, or because their niche doesn't want what they're teaching.

In reality, if your methodology isn't designed in a proprietary, revolutionary way that is defensible, marketable, and transformational, it will bleed into every aspect of the business.

Here’s a preview of some things you’ll
learn here in Module 1:

  • The 5 Elements That Define Your Coaching Method and that this entire process cannot work without. You need ALL 5, yet most only have one or two.
  • ​A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The World's Best Coaching Methodologies so you can visually see examples of these elements in action, cementing your understanding and inspiring ideas for your own coaching business.
  • ​How To Design A Coaching Process That Truly Stands Out And Commands A Premium, so you can structure your coaching offers for maximum results AND profit margins.

Module #2

Defining The Underlying 
Principles, Beliefs, And Philosophies 
That Make Your Process Unique

Now that you’ve got an understanding of what a proprietary method is and you've started brainstorming what your coaching methodology might be, it's time to get very intentional.

Next, you’re going to pinpoint the exact "Paradigm Shift" you're leading your customers through. 
Remember, your method must be "revolutionary" and anything that is revolutionary will naturally change or shift a paradigm.

By the end of this module, you’re going to understand why the typical "Pain" and "Pleasure" marketing is a beginner, grade-level strategy and you're going to see how much deeper you can truly go with your buyer psychology.

Here’s where your student's journey begins. They are living in a reality right now that is characterized by certain thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, and ideas. 

It's your job as a coach with your method to shift that reality and engage them in NEW thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, and ideas. 

So it’s critical we get our messaging right before outlining our method, because bad messaging and a poor understanding of your student's buyer psychology will equal zero buyers and zero testimonials.

Most coaches don’t spend enough time on this. OR, they think the values that underly their method are the same as the values they hold in their life. (They're not)

By the end of this module, you’re going to have a clear student and customer journey, a clear message, and an outline of the Paradigm Shift your coaching method is creating. 

Here’s a preview of some things you’ll
learn here in Module 2:

  • The Golden Rule Of All Revolutionary Coaching Programs And Products. This is the nature of how a revolution is created, and if you understand it... you'll know exactly how to communicate what you do in your marketing in a way that attracts the exact right buyers who not only purchase without persuasion, but also implement everything you tell them to.
  • ​The structure we use to outline the values that drive your coaching method and culture, and how that is distinctly different from your personal values. Coaches get this confused ALL the time and it's what prevents their messaging from hitting the nail on the head.
  • ​The exact strategy we use to become polarizing and magnetizing in our messaging without relying on a cliche "No BS" persona that comes off as disrespectful and un-evolved. This is what builds an audience that loves you deeply and respects you immensely for who you are.
  • ​The step-by-step process to define your coaching philosophy, clarifying how you design your programs and communicate with your clients in a way that drives the specific results you want. If you understand this, you'll know exactly how to explain your coaching style to buyers in a way that attracts the perfect learners for you.

Module #3

Clarifying What The "Thing" Is 
That Is Getting Your Clients The Results 
They Want

You know your student and buyer journey now. You’ve got a clear understanding of how you want to show up in the coaching relationship to guide them in that journey.

Now it’s time to get them results. With this module alone, you already avoided selling something that doesn't transform your students, get testimonials, and inspire referrals.
You’ll prevent so many chargebacks and refund requests.

And you’ll be able to clearly identify and communicate in your messaging what it is about your coaching that gets those results.

By the end of this module, you’re going to know 2 things....
  • What fluff you can get rid of or stop talking about that may seem important, but isn't truly getting to the heart of the transformation you provide.
  • ​What you need to talk about more in your marketing and in the delivery of your coaching that is actually, at the root, responsible for the results you create with your clients.

Here’s a preview of some things you’ll
learn here in Module 3:

  • A strategy for identifying what makes you the BEST practitioner in your field giving you a competitive advantage in your marketing and sales conversations, and making it a million times easier to charge premium prices.
  • ​A clear path for brainstorming the "value adds" within your coaching programs that make prospects go "oooooo" and "aaaaahhhhhh" right before whipping out their credit cards.
  • ​What a "Required Factor" is and why it's the secret to creating a highly transformational coaching program or product that sells like crazy. 

Module #4

Outlining Your Coaching Framework 
In A Revolutionary Way
That Ensures It Is Protectable, 
Capable Of Commanding A Premium,
And Guaranteed To Get Client Results

You know people will buy your coaching programs, products, and services. The ground work you just did on your messaging and positioning in the previous modules virtually guarantees it.
Here’s where you clear up the step-by-step process or "framework" that you take your clients and buyers through.

This is the same framework that will inspire all of your packaging, offer ideas, and visual branding.

So it’s critical we get our coaching framework right, because a bad one will equal terrible offers, incoherent or mediocre branding, and years of always feeling like something is "off" in your business.

Most coaches don't even know the difference between a "methodology" and a "framework" let alone have a clear understanding of what theirs are. 

Then they're left constantly re-working things in their business, never feeling truly aligned and never getting the financial results or the client results they had hoped for. It almost always traces back to a bad methodology and a poorly-constructed framework.

By the end of this module, you’re going to know the difference between the two and you'll have both nailed for good.

Here’s a preview of some things you’ll
learn here in Module 4:

  • A strategy to position yourself within a branch of your niche that is all your own, so that you are the person who comes to mind when people ask for referrals in your industry.
  • ​The structure we use to outline an organized step-by-step framework, that becomes the basis of all of our coaching materials.
  • ​Clarity on the parts of your methodology and framework that can be shared publicly and which parts need to be kept for buyers only, to protect your best ideas while still doing what you need to do to get sales.
  • ​A cheat sheet for listing all of the handouts, checklists, and coaching materials you need to create to ensure your customers completely understand your method and framework and get the best results possible.

Module #5

Giving Your Coaching Process A Name That You Can Trademark AND Become Known For

Your framework is all outlined. You know it's revolutionary, it will stand out, and it will get clients results.

Now, you need to give it a name.

This is the fun part. You’re creating the brand that will live on, separate from your face and your voice, taking on a life of its own.
Plus, you’re going to get our exact checklist for what makes a name memorable, but also protectable.

This way, you don’t waste time marketing a name that can't be Trademarked. 

Here’s a preview of some things you’ll
learn here in Module 5:

  • ​The exact strategy we use to brainstorm names before investing resources into one that can't be protected. This saves you from worrying about theft and wasted resources.
  • ​The checklist of what the Trademark Office is looking for that determines if a name is truly unique and deserving of protection.
  • ​The psychology of what makes a name memorable, so that prospects begin to feel connected to your brand, message, and method.
  • ​All the examples you need to inspire great ideas so that you don't feel like you're starting from scratch, even if creative brainstorming isn't your thing.

Module #6

Creating A Culture Around Your Method,
Ensuring It Spreads Like Wildfire

Your framework has a name. You know it's protectable and your prospects are going to remember it.

Now it’s time to make it known and build a community around it.
You know you have something of HIGH VALUE to offer.

Now you’re going to build the audience of fans who believe it.

By the end of this module, you’re going to have a clear plan for building a culture and community around your ideas.

Here’s a preview of some things you’ll
learn here in Module 6:

  • The structure we use to outline the elements that make up our community culture, including our brand language, visual designs, swag, and more.
  • ​A strategy to keep building an active audience of future students who excitedly bring their friends and industry buddies, without you having to ask.
  • ​The exact strategy we use to educate and indoctrinate our prospects into our culture without throwing ideas down people's throats in an aggressive, cult-like way. This feels good for you AND your community members.

Plus, These FREE Bonuses Will Fast-Track You To A 

Profitable, Transformational, and Protectable
Coaching Method

Bonus #1: $297 Value

Methodology Document

You'll start this program with a Blank Methodology Document Template with instructions for how to complete it as you go along with the trainings. By the end of this process, we expect to have an organized Google Document that clearly outlines all of the elements of your Proprietary Coaching Methodology. It'll be a working document that we'll play with together throughout the program.


Vault Of Example Methodologies

We're constantly adding to the Vault of Examples with Video Walkthroughs of Proprietary Methodologies that we've created or that we've helped our clients create. This helps you see what a truly complete coaching method looks like, and the different ways that this process can be adapted.

Bonus #3: $797 Value

Personalized Audit Of Your Coaching Method

Once you feel like the Methodology Document is completed to the best of your ability with all of the homework assignments drafted, we will review and provide a complete audit. This will be a "Working" Audit. That means we aren't just giving you a Grade, we're also Actively Editing your work to finalize the materials you've drafted. 


Coaching Group

When you enroll into The Expert Methodology Makeover, you'll get instant access to our private community.

You'll have access to a network of successful coaches who are all working on making their coaching methods and processes more marketable, defensible, and transformational too. 

The questions they ask and the guidance we give will be applicable to you too. 

To be in an exclusive group with this caliber of people usually requires a $25,000 to $50,000 mastermind fee.

But this community is completely free for you when you join today.


30 Days of Direct
Coaching Access 

You get 30 days of 1-on-1 coaching access to Valerie Del Grosso, Esq. and Amanda Goldman-Petri directly. 

Within the Facebook Group, we will personally brainstorm your method, paradigm shift, required factors, trademark-able names, cultural elements, and more.

To have this level of access to experts in proprietary methodologies is worth the entire value of this program (and more).

And even after 30 days, you’ll still have access to all the bonuses and modules. PLUS, we're nice, and if you've been really putting in the work, we've been known to extend the 30-days if needed.

Bonus #6: $597 Value


Once your methodology and frameworks are all nailed, Amanda will work her magic, helping brainstorm a unique, protectable name.

And, because she often cannot help herself, she'll usually even use this as a spring board for brainstorming a stand-out visual branding concept for you as well.

Then, Valerie will chime in with her assessment of the name from a legal standpoint, ensuring that whatever we come up with is likely to be accepted by the Trademark Office when you (or we) file for a registered mark.

Bonus #7: $297 Value

Protected Method
Certification Badges

When we feel like your Coaching Method meets all of our criteria for a truly defensible, marketable, and transformational methodology, we'll give you our seal of approval in the form a Certification Badge that you can display in your marketing, signaling to content thieves that your ideas are protected (because they finally will be protectable)

Bonus #8: $297 Value

Protected I.P. 

Once you've received our Seal Of Approval, you'll also get this beautiful Certificate to display, hang on your wall, or use in your marketing, signifying that it has been reviewed by a Lawyer and deemed to be Protected Intellectual Property that you intend to defend from copycats!

Bonus #9: $297 Value

Certificate Of Completion

PLUS, you'll receive a Certificate Of Completion showing that you put your Coaching Methodology through the G.O.L.D. Methodology Process. This signifies to others that your coaching method is thoughtful, intentional, and proprietary.

Imagine The PRIDE You Will Feel Getting A Seal Of Approval On Your Coaching Methodology,

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A Proprietary Coaching Method 
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Impacting hundreds to thousands of students with your message and knowledge...

Attracting the perfect students who don't need to be persuaded to buy and who happily implement everything you tell them too...

Knowing you can provide a truly powerful transformation for them time-and-time again, bringing you an endless stream of testimonials and client referrals...

Freeing yourself from trading time for money, because your face and your voice are no longer the "thing" driving people to you (your method is)...

Knowing you can run your business without worrying when your niche, message, offers, and brand are going to change again, because you've done all the hard work to build the foundations that last...

And finally having what you need to eventually sell certification and licensing programs, further cementing your legacy in this world...

If you're ready to choose this path...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: All this material looks a little overwhelming, are you sure I can do this?

Each module is very digest-able and available in multiple formats. PLUS, if you get stuck, you have access to us in the Group (we often make ourselves available in other ways too, such as via Direct Messenger). So, you won't be stuck for long if it does happen at all.

Q: Am I going to need to invest in other trainings after this?

Absolutely not, if your only goal is to define your proprietary coaching method. This is the only program you'll ever need for that... I mean it.

If you decide to take it a step further and turn this method into a certification program, that's optional and there are other courses we offer for that. 

Q: I'm a service provider and not a coach, should I be doing this?

Service providers AND product sellers both ALSO need a proprietary methodology. All of MODULES will be catered to coaches, however the Group and Coaching Threads are completely catered to YOU individually, so it can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Q: I'm pretty new to coaching, is this going to be too advanced for me?

Nope, and if you're new, that's good news. That means you won't have to come back years later realizing you skipped a step and wasted time floundering around.

This is stuff every coach SHOULD HAVE done when they started, so many coaches will be working backwards (and that's okay too). Sometimes we have to go backwards in order to go forwards. In either case, you're in good hands.

Q: When I join, will I get immediate access to all the lessons and modules?

Yes, you will get IMMEDIATE access to ALL Modules, as well as The Coaching Group. We recommend you go through one video and homework assignment per day in order to complete the program in time.

Q: If I get stuck, will Amanda or Valerie be able to answer my questions?

When you join, you get access to 30 days of coaching with Amanda and Valerie personally via the group. We've also been known to make ourselves available in other ways too, such as via Direct Messenger.

Take advantage of this by asking us questions. We encourage it.

This Is Everything You Need To Finally 
Get Clear And Intentional On Your 
Proprietary Coaching Methodology

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